Scotland announces new energy efficiency programme


Scotland’s Government has announced a new energy efficiency programme which includes, among other things, support for energy efficiency measures in combination with the installation of a residential and commercial PV systems and energy storage.

The two-year transition scheme is referred to as the Energy Efficient Scotland Transition Programme: Decarbonisation Fund for Social Housing and the first step invites landlords to deliver energy efficiency and heating decarbonisation programmes within their existing stock.

“The funding will be for energy efficiency measures (e.g. internal works, insulation) within projects that include decarbonisation activity (e.g. ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, biomass, solar PV and storage etc) and the conversion of properties from e.g. oil to these technologies,” the Scottish government advises in its documentation.

The government is favouring proposals based on innovative technology and solutions, while projects already entitled to participate in the FIT programmes for renewable energies will not be admitted.

The policy envisages the use and supply of energy for heat (51% of total final energy consumption), power (24%) and transport (25%), focusing on three core principles: a whole system view, an inclusive energy transition, and a smarter local energy model. The strategy also outlines two scenarios based on an electric and a hydrogen future.

The government is currently accepting expressions of interest, the deadline to submit being June 8.