Scottish Power partners to improve online services


Under the deal, Waracle will develop mobile applications to increase online services offered by the utility firm.

The year-long contract between the two companies is expected to improve utility’s customer services through the development and improvement of new and existing applications enabling customer self-serving options.

According to a local media, the collaboration will improve Scottish Power’s offerings for its retail customers in the UK.

[quote] More importantly, Scottish Power aims to use the deal to expand the benefits of its smart metering system.

In addition, the solutions are also expected to enhance the utility’s energy efficiency programme, ‘Your Energy’, in which consumers make use of mobile applications to control HVAC systems, monitor their power usage data, pay bills and change tariffs online.

Craig Paterson, head of digital at Scottish Power, said: “We see mobile, wearable and IoT as crucial to our ability to offer great service to our customers and are excited about the opportunities this new partnership brings.”

Scottish Power smart meter rollout

The news follows multiple efforts by the utility company in enrolling out smart meters to meet the deadline set by UK government in utilities deploying the new metering system.

In early August, the power company selected energy consulting firm Lakehouse as its partner for the deployment of the smart meters.

Lakehouse will  help Scottish Power install residential smart meters in Northern Scotland, Wales and North West England under the £37 million ($49.1 million) deal.

The Essex based company will deploy 450,000 smart meters within the utility’s service territories through to 2021.

To meet the smart meter rollout stipulations set by the contract, LakeHouse said it will direct a £1.5 million ($1.9 million) share of the deal’s total costs to increase its workforce. [Scottish Power partners on energy storage trial]

The firm plans to use the money to train more than 100 dual fuel engineers.


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