iPERL Water meters to help the city of Dallas reduce water losses


The city of Dallas, in the US state of Georgia, has partnered with Sensus to deploy advanced metering infrastructure at full scale.

This follows a successful water loss and management pilot programme.

Under the pilot, the city installed 320 Sensus IPERL residential water meters.

City of Dallas billing clerk Amber Whisner, said: “The iPERL water meters picked up flow data we never had before.

“The meters could register the smallest bit of water usage for activities like the flushing of toilets or the washing of hands.”

Within four months of project implementation, the city managed to bill an additional 600,000 gallons of water in the area in which the IPERL meters were deployed.

“When you’re a paid utility that purchases its water from the county, every drop counts.”

The advanced metering system is expected to help the utility to reduce non-revenue water, improve conservation of water resources and improve customer service.