Europe to monitor smart meters rollouts – Yes or No?

    EC seeks to monitor smart meter functions
    EC seeks to ensure energy companies are passing on financial benefits of smart meters to consumers ran a story this week about the European Commission (EC) proposing to “monitor the functions of smart meters”.

    European Union energy commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete, addressing the Citizens’ Energy Forum, said he thought the EC had a responsibility to make sure that energy consumers aren’t “short changed” by the roll out, literally.

    Mr Cañete wants to see EU citizens in countries where mandated rollouts are happening being able to use smart data to save themselves electricity and therefore money.

    Cañete said his comments follows concerns that some Member States are not planning on passing on energy monitoring functionality to consumers.

    “We may only get one shot at national rollouts of smart meters, so we should get it right,” he concludes. 

    Should the European Commission monitor smart meter rollouts – Yes or No?