Siemens and Santa Clara to develop EV framework using regulator grant


The California Energy Commission (CEC) has awarded Siemens Digital Grid and the City of Santa Clara/Silicon Valley Power a grant to develop a blueprint to help the City become electric vehicle (EV) ready.

The $200,000 grant seeks to reduce California’s use and dependence on petroleum transportation fuels, as well as increase the use of alternative and renewable fuels and advanced vehicle technologies to improve the air quality and quality of life for residents.

The state’s energy regulator is providing the grant via its Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Programme.

The funding will be used to develop a plan to accelerate EV adoption and to accelerate development and implementation of EV policies and infrastructure.

The city of Santa Clara/Silicon Valley Power and Siemens will use their experience acquired in EV projects.

The two parties will start by identifying long term electrification targets and develop a roadmap to achieve the targets, as well as highlight the benefits of electrifying the transport sector for commercial customers.

Siemens Digital Grid and the City of Santa Clara/Silicon Valley Power intend to kick off the assignment within the next few weeks, completing the work within 12 months.

Chris King, chief policy officer for Siemens Digital Grid, said: “The strategic plan will be developed using Siemens’ EV-Implementation Framework (EV-IF), a technical approach that Siemens designed to catalyse electro-mobility at the community level.

“As part of the engagement, Siemens will also leverage its global learnings from the manufacture, deployment, and operation of EV chargers for light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles; make-ready electrical equipment; and charging management software. Siemens also brings its expertise in integrating turn-key solutions for utility EV charging and grid infrastructure, critical elements in preparing EV-ready communities.”

John Roukema, chief electric utility officer, Silicon Valley Power, added: “Electrifying transportation is a priority for Santa Clara. We will use the grant to prepare our city and our utility for a future increasingly leveraging EVs for their many economic and environmental benefits.”