Indian manufacturer enhance AMI communications with Silver Spring Networks


A collaboration between Silver Spring Networks and India-based smart meter manufacturer Genus Power, is expected to boost capabilities of advanced metering infrastructure to be deployed in India and Singapore.

According to a statement, Genus Power will integrate Silver Spring Networks’ IPV6 network interface cards for secure, faster and reliable data telemetry between smart meters and utilities’ central meter data processors.

The integration of the wireless communications chip with single and three phase smart electric meters will help utilities optimise their operations through simplified access to consumer energy demand, consumption, time-of-use and interval data, alarms, and power-quality data from Genus smart meters.

The Silver Spring and Genus Power smart electric meters will be deployed by CESC Limited and Singapore Power in the Indian cities of Bharatpur and Kota.

Silver Spring Networks and global AMI deployment

Silver Spring Networks claims its wireless communications technology is based on standards developed by the WI-SUN and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, providing connectivity to more than 26.7 million devices deployed by utilities such as DEWA, FPL, JPS and AuSNet, in five continents.

Alex Beveridge, general manager – Asia Pacific, Silver Spring Networks, commented: “The agreement with Genus expands Silver Spring’s ecosystem of meter choices in Asia to nearly two dozen, offering utilities unmatched device diversity, choice and value to achieve their business goals. Ensuring technology interoperability through an open standards-based platform allows our customers flexibility and choice of a range of local and global partners.

“We’re pleased to add Genus to support our customers in providing the highest quality connected devices while delivering smart grid benefits to consumers in India and Singapore.”

Genus Power claims to be the largest smart meter manufacturer in India with more than 44 million devices installed locally, regionally and outside the Asian continent.

Jitendra Aggarwal, joint managing director, Genus Power Infrastructure Ltd, added: “By working with Silver Spring Networks, we are delivering smart grid benefits to some of the highest profile programs in the region.

“Standardising on Silver Spring technology is helping Genus expand its reach internationally while offering other energy providers in the region a framework for how to deliver higher quality smart meters and devices with proven IoT solutions.”


Image Credit: 123rf.