Smart Cities in Asia: Meeting the challenges of urbanization


Smart city technologies offer the chance to make cities work better by providing management and data to better manage power usage, water, traffic, building management and government. However, each regional smart city will have its unique flavour, opportunities and challenges. And the devil is in these details…

The smart city concept has caught the imagination of city leaders around the world. Cities have always been places where decisions and fortunes are made and the future is invented. Today, cities are the focal point for the most significant trends of the century. Nowhere is this more evident than in the cities of Asia. Asian cities will be the growth engines of the world economy over the next 30 years, and provide the bulk of the planet’s new urban residents. Urbanization in China, India, and Southeast Asia will continue to demand vast amounts of new and sustainable infrastructure. At the same time, countries like South Korea and Taiwan are trying to create new engines of growth for their economies based on urban innovation, while developed societies such as Japan face problems of aging populations and infrastructure in an environment of constrained city finances.

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