Smart Energy International Issue 2 2021



For those of you who feel like perhaps you are stuck in the movie Groundhog Day – welcome to 2021. It seems strange that so much has changed – and yet, we are still working from home, masking up and wondering how much worse the pandemic could become. Yet, there are bright spots in the sameness of every day too.

The United States has sworn in its 46th President and we explore what this means for both domestic and international energy policy [page 6]. It is unclear whether the United States has sufficient international goodwill to come back onto the energy landscape and resume its leadership position.

While there may have been much development domestically, internationally the European Union and China have taken the lead when it comes to the energy transition and a move to net-zero economies. While there is no doubt that optimism surrounds the election and inauguration of a new president, four years of looking inward has meant being left behind. It’s not all politics though! Our roundup of features this edition covers the full spectrum from storage use cases [page 58], to how IoT is being used to optimise the operations of smart buildings and distributed renewable energy resources [page 20] and the transition to the cloud and what this means from a cybersecurity perspective [page 62]. One of my favourite stories in this edition is on powering a Moon Village [page 26].

This appeals to me on so many levels, although given that I love being ‘on earth’ this may be one that I experience vicariously instead of ‘in person’.