Kamstrup wins Belgian water meter deal


Hydroko is standing in as a partner to assist Water-link, a water supplier in Antwerp, to effectively deploy its smart metering programme.

The project includes the integration of Kamstrup’s MULTICAL 21 smart water meters with Sigfox’s IoT communication technology.

The news followed an announcement by Water-link to deploy a pilot project to trial the functionalities and benefits of smart water meters in the Belgian city. [Belgian utility uses Sigfox network in smart meter pilot].

The water utility announced that it will deploy some 1,000 smart water meters in the pilot to determine the possibility of installing more smart meters as from the end of 2017 through to 2021.

Jan Van Cappellen, project engineer at Water-link, said: “The intelligent water meter is the foundation for effectively managing drinking water in a sustainable manner.”

Kamstrup claims its smart water meters will enable Water-Link to measure low flows and detect leaks, bursts and meter tampering to lower non-revenue water.

[quote] Per Trøjbo, senior vice president at Kamstrup, added that the “meters will allow Water-Link to optimise its operations throughout its network and provide an increased level of service to its customers.”

Smart water metering landscape

The news comes as Kamstrup boosts its growth by 13% in 2015 as a result of the firm’s market share gain in a number of key sectors with the largest growth being attributed to the sale of smart water metering solutions.

In Kamstrup’s financial year end report for February 2016, the company said its 2015-2016 year turnover reached EUR204m (US$231.7m) with a pre-tax profit of EUR27m (US$30.6m). Kamstrup said the growth in turnover was a result of its increased investments in product developments and selection of its smart metering solutions by global utilities.

In the previous year, the metering solutions provider had recorded an annual turnover of EUR186m (US$211.4m).


Image credit: www.irishbuildingmagazine.ie.