Central Virginia Electric Coop meets demand with two solar facilities


CVEC provides energy services to some 36,000 members in 14 counties in Virginia state. The partnership will see CVEC and Coronal Energy implement a solar energy project which includes the development of two 5MW solar energy systems at the 41-acre Palmer solar center and 35-acre Martin solar center.

Funding to develop the two solar systems will be provided by Coronal Energy. The solar plants are set for completion by November 2017.

Once completed, the energy generation facilities will produce electricity to help CVEC meet its growing power demand for the next 25 years under a power purchase agreement (PPA) signed by the two companies.

The PPA will help CVEC to expand its clean energy capacity in central Virginia under efforts to provide consumers with affordable energy. The solar system will be able to provide electricity to some 1,200 local homes.

In addition, the project will help the state to meet its solar energy targets and carbon emission goals.

Gary Wood, CEO of CVEC, commented:  “As a not-for-profit member-owned organization, CVEC has developed a procurement strategy that captures tremendous value for our co-op members

“Electric co-ops have long been essential to the economic well-being of rural communities…”

The news follows an announcement made by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association that it predicts the total solar energy capacity procured by the country’s rural electric cooperatives to be five times more in 2017 than two years ago.

Community solar energy project

Meanwhile, in Virginia state, Dominion Energy is set to file a proposal with the Virginia State Corporation Commission to implement a community solar pilot programme.

According to a statement, the utility will either by the end of 2017 or in the first quarter of 2018 file a proposal to deploy the solar energy project with the state energy regulator.

The pilot will include the development and integration of multiple 2MW solar facilities with the utility’s grid network.

The integration will allow Dominion Energy to purchase clean energy and resell it to consumers within the company’s energy distribution system.

Dominion Energy expects the pilot to be approved by late 2018 for implementation as from 2019. The pilot is voluntary to customers of Dominion Energy and is expected to help the utility expand its footprint in the clean energy segment, reduce carbon emissions and provide consumers with affordable energy. [Arizona utility to meet demand with new solar facility]

The initiative will also help the energy provider to reduce operational expenses incurred in investing in new energy generation infrastructure to meet energy demands within the company’s network.


Image Credit: 123rf.