Dubai South trials advanced solar technology


In a press statement, the solar solution provider said it signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a subsidiary of Dubai South ‘Duserve Facilities Management’ to help the city transform into a sustainable city.

Rollout and benefits of solar solution

Under the 12-month pilot project, Redback Technologies will equip some 20 commercial and 20 residential consumers with its hardware and software solar solution to help them improve their energy management.

The project will start on June 1 to help the UAE city improve real-time management and operation of its grid and distributed energy resources under efforts to increase its use of renewable energy resources, reduce carbon emissions and secure its energy supply.

Philip Livingston, managing director of Redback Technologies, commented: “Redback’s smart software utilises the Internet of Things to distribute excess energy to smart appliances or store in batteries, optimising energy consumption. The software also has machine learning capabilities to learn from user habits and control energy depending on expected weather changes. These capabilities ensure effective management of energy, resulting in lower bills and a reduction in fossil fuel reliance.”

If the pilot project yields positive results, Redback Technologies and Duserve Facilities Management will expand their partnership in deploying the company’s solar solution throughout UAE,  the Middle-East and North Africa region.

Redback Technologies said it will expand its staff to effectively deploy and manage the pilot project. In addition to installing its hardware and software solar solution, the technology provider will also provide software and engineering training to employees of Duserve Facilities Management.

The signing of the MoU is part of an agreement reached by Trade and Investment Queensland and the UAE government in September 2016.

The Trade and Investment Queensland is a government agency responsible for creating market opportunities for Australian companies outside their country.

Smart grid development

The development follows Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) partnering with Silver Spring Networks to improve the connectivity of its water and electricity distribution assets.

In a press statement, DEWA said it signed an agreement with Silver Spring Networks for the supply and installation of the company’s IPv-6 radio frequency network for connectivity of smart grid assets including smart water and electric meters and distribution automation sensors.

Silver Spring claims that its technology will provide DEWA with a secure and reliable connectivity of its smart grid assets throughout Dubai. Read more…


Image credit: Prop Search Arab Emirates.