“Tesla Autopilot saved my life” says EV driver


A Tesla Model 3 owner has claimed that Tesla’s Autopilot autonomous driving functionality saved his family from a potentially fatal accident by reacting to a pick-up truck that suddenly swerved into their lane.

Raghu Konka posted a video of the incident which took place on a highway near Renton, Washington on his Twitter account.

Konka claims that the autonomous driving system reacted and initiated evasive action before he himself was able to react. He wrote on Twitter:

“I was on Autopilot. It detected early and accelerated away to the next lane. I also reacted but no way could have avoided the crash without the help of Autopilot.”

Whilst side collision avoidance systems are not unique to Tesla, the system has garnered praise from numerous owners, with a recent report by another driver claiming that the system corrected his vehicle after entering a dangerous slide on ice.

This is perhaps a bit of sunshine in what has otherwise been a tough period for the automaker, having announced a first quarter loss of $700 million, and results that fell short analysts lowest expectations. Here’s more.