Texas University expands buildings and energy system management project


Texas A&M University has selected a partner for its emergency power management system initiative.

The university selected IoT network firm Blue Pillar for the provision of facility-based data and control systems.

Blue Pillar is providing its Aurora software which will be used as a Network Operations Center for central management of distributed assets.

This follows a successful pilot in which more than 25 assets where integrated with the control system.

The aim is to improve the operations and maintenance of generators, automatic transfer switches and associated fuel systems.

Texas A&M university will be able to remotely inspect more than 130 back-up generators of multiple makes and models, 170+ automatic transfer switches, and an additional 135 fuel systems.

Data acquired from the system will help alleviate the significant manpower challenges that occur in the management of a large backup generation fleet, while providing core utility services to a 5000+ acre campus serving a growing population of over 60,000 students.

Jim Riley, Executive Director for UES states, “Meeting National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements for inspections and testing of all life safety emergency power systems poses challenges with such a large asset base of campus emergency generators and associated automated transfer switches. Automated remote monitoring, documentation, and control of these assets will be an important improvement in both efficiency of resources and system reliability”.