Thai utility automates grid performance with Itron AMI solution


Thailand based Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) will deploy the utility’s first Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) in the City of Pattaya, including 116,000 Itron OpenWay Riva enabled smart meters.

Itron and consortium partner ALT Telecom Public Company Limited were selected to deploy the solution, to help PEA transform its operations and improve distribution system efficiency, reliability and safety.

As one of the largest utilities in southeast Asia, PEA provides electricity to more than 18 million customers. This deployment will help meet PEA’s goal to better understand the benefits of AMI and prepare to roll out AMI nationwide.

With the OpenWay Riva solution, PEA will benefit from secure, resilient and multi-application network infrastructure and technology platforms that feature distributed computing power at every level of the network, including in every electric meter.

This enables real-time analysis of data and secured peer-to-peer communication among meters and intelligent devices within the network to manage rapidly changing electric grid conditions.

In addition, the solution’s adaptive communications technology dynamically determines the best network path, including radio frequency and cellular or power line carrier, to optimise communications.

PEA will also take advantage of Itron’s meter data management solution, Itron Enterprise Edition (IEE). The solution will provide consistent, meaningful data to upstream utility applications, easing IT integration of AMI and facilitating the distribution of meter data across the utility.

“With Itron’s OpenWay Riva solution, we will be able to enhance our operations, automate grid performance and directly engage consumers to manage their energy better,” said Pongsakorn Yuthagovit, director of the system planning department at PEA.

“By starting with a targeted deployment in the City of Pattaya, we will better understand the benefits of this technology and be better prepared for our nationwide AMI deployment in the future.”

“With more than 200 million communication modules deployed worldwide, Itron has the experience to help PEA improve its electricity delivery and better engage with customers,” said Mark de Vere White, president of Electricity, Itron.

“Our consortium partner, ALT, will help us to apply the power of OpenWay Riva, to help PEA realise great benefits for energy usage in Thailand and better serve customers.”