Smart Grid infrastructure and Distribution Automation solutions have been widely deployed in the past few years, providing strong benefits to utilities and the energy sector as a whole. Conditions are reaching maturity for wide-scale introduction of Automatic Demand Response mechanisms and active customer engagement to maximize the value of Smart Grid deployment.

However, on one hand, sole government legislation and a mandated pilot project do not seem to be an effective approach to creating real commitment from the utility side; on the other, an insurmountable barrier has long existed between the industry and its end customers. Customer education, free devices, and even monetary incentives do not seem capable of breaking the ice and fundamentally inspiring the passion of the majority of end customers.

So what is the way out of this impasse? Utilities might merely cope with government-mandated projects, but they could be very serious about a campaign that brings real benefit to their day-to-day operation and customer satisfaction; as for customers, they do not care about “free stuff,” but would even be willing to pay for what they perceive to be valuable. Therefore, value is the key driver for game change. OWON aims at providing substantial benefit to utilities while bringing intuitive value to end customers at the same time.

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