The new energy dynamic and the increasing need for smart meters


    Rising energy and infrastructure costs, plus the growth of renewables driving system balancing issues, are increasing the need, from that originally perceived, for a GB smart meter rollout. Examining the challenge of system balancing commercial and operational challenges with appropriate demand response would appear to make the need for smart meters even greater.

    Since 2005, GB consumer gas prices have risen by over 120% and electricity prices have risen over 75% while household incomes for the majority, in real terms, have fallen significantly. Ironically though, the UK still enjoys some of the lowest energy prices in Europe.

    With the UK general election not far away – 7 May 2015 – politicians from all parties have been professing their commitment to a molecular examination of energy company profits, government policy costs and consumer prices. And based on the results, promising fundamental change to give customers a better energy deal.

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