The utility as we know it is on its way out – right or wrong?


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    The Big Question:  The utility as we know it is on its way out – right or wrong?

    With the increased use of distributed generation, smart meters, micro grids, prosumers and other forms of self generation, the role of the utility is shifting from that of the traditional generation, transmission and distributor utility to something else… the question is what?  Or, do all these things enhance the argument that power generation, transmission and distribution belongs in the hands of a few select, experienced companies?

    Will the utility as we traditionally know it end up fragmented and no longer recognisable, or will we transition to a hybrid of the vertically integrated utility with small pockets of localised generation and distribution?

    Is pressure on the utility pricing and tariff structure making it impossible for larger utilities to operate and be competitive, and is this an opening for smaller, faster, more mobile utilities who are able to adapt to changing circumstances and markets quickly and efficiently?

    Do you believe that the traditional utility is doomed to go the way of the dinosaurs, or is the changing landscape an opportunity to evolve into something better?

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