Thibaut Vos


    Thibaut VosThibaut Vos is the marketing manager of Ferranti Computer Systems, and is responsible for the global product marketing of MECOMS™.

    Before joining Ferranti, Thibaut has held different positions in research and business development at Cisco, and co-founded the Belgian company fifthplay, specialized in home energy management and home automation. Thibaut obtained a Master degree in Computer Science from the University of Antwerp, Belgium and an Executive Master in B2B marketing at the Vlerick Business School. In his spare time he enjoys sport and is active as a red-cross volunteer.

    About Ferranti:
    Ferranti offers more than 35 years of experience to help utilities cope with the growing challenges of their industry. Ferranti helps its customers to increase efficiency, flexibility and business insight, drastically reducing cost to serve and a significantly improving customer satisfaction.

    To reach these goals, Ferranti has developed the MECOMS™ product during the past 20 years. Throughout the years, MECOMS™ was implemented at more than 40 water, gas, power and heat companies around the world.