UK record: 2019 will be powered by more clean energy than fossil fuels


For the first time, more of the UK’s annual electricity production will be sourced from clean energy, rather than fossil fuels.

That’s the verdict for the 2019 year from National Grid, the country’s transmission operator, which is confident that reliance on renewables such as solar and wind, as well as hydropower and nuclear will exceed the use of coal and gas generation.

According to National Grid, 2019 represents a“landmark tipping point” in the UK’s transition to clean energy, whilst also acknowledging the event as a “historic achievement”.

The UK has targeted a national net-zero carbon transition by 2050.

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UK consumers can take heart in the country’s commitment to sustainability. Just recently, the country set new records for the longest period without the use of coal power (18 days) and record levels of solar power generation over a two-day period which resulted in solar powering more than a quarter of the country’s demand over those days; and lastly,  

John Pettigrew, CEO of National Grid, said: “The incredible progress that Britain has made in the past ten years means we can now say 2019 will be the year zero carbon power beats fossil fuels fired generation for the first time.

“Having reached this landmark tipping point, the question is what are we doing today to get to net zero as quickly as possible?”