Northeast Group analyses 2018-2027 UK smart water infrastructure market


Smart infrastructure market intelligence firm Northeast Group forecast $1.3 billion in investments in the UK smart water infrastructure market by 2027.

Smart water infrastructure will include smart water metering, networks and analytics.

According to Northeast Group, less than half of residential water customers in the UK have a meter measuring their consumption, despite utilities projecting severe water shortages by 2040 and witnessing very high rates of non-revenue water.

Efforts to address these challenges will drive increased investments in smart water infrastructure.

In addition, regulatory support will enable investments in the UK smart water infrastructure market to realise.

Ben Gardner, president of Northeast Group, said: “The UK market has a water metering penetration of just 48% despite projections of water shortages at several of its utilities by 2040.

“We project that this penetration will rise to 61% by 2027 with significant investment in smart water metering. In addition, smart water networking at the district metering level will also take place over the forecast period, as will investment in software and analytics.”

Northeast Group says the 12 large water utilities in the UK have already drawn up metering investment plans through to 2030. The large utilities include Thames Water, Severn Trent Water and Anglian Water

There are a number of leading smart infrastructure vendors either already active in the UK smart water infrastructure market or positioned to enter it. These include Honeywell, Itron, Schneider, Kamstrup, Sensus and Suez.

The report can be accessed via the company’s website…