UKPN selects partners for world’s advanced energy control system

The utility’s advanced energy network management and control system will be operated by software developed and integrated by Nexant, Smarter Grid Solutions and GreenSync.

Smarter Grid Solutions is providing its ANM Strata to help the utility transition to a distribution system operator, Nexant its control center and planning analytics via Grid360 and GreenSync its deX to provide a distributed energy marketplace.

The integrated software platform will enable UKPN to expand its renewable energy sources, increase efficiency and safety, and save customers money.

As part of the project:

  1. Distributed energy resources will power 250,000 households
  2. Result in infrastructure savings by avoiding the need to upgrade energy networks and other costs by shifting localized peak demand and providing power during planned and unplanned outages
  3. Artificial intelligence will help process data to improve grid efficiency and safety
  4. Result in innovative control systems through automation of grid operations

John Dirkman, Vice President of Product Management at Nexant, said, “This cutting edge project broadly enables and revolutionizes decarbonisation via electrification, distributed generation, demand response, and energy storage. It’s a perfect example of how best-in-class applications can be combined to provide tremendous value to utilities around the world.”