Urgency to prevent threats against cybersecurity is increasing

A new report from Navigant Research looks at cybersecurity threats related to the Internet of Things (IoT) that pose challenges to utilities and other enterprises.

According to Managing IoT Cybersecurity Threats in the Energy Cloud Ecosystem, growing adoption of IoT devices and systems is increasing the number of vectors and surfaces for cybersecurity attacks against utilities and other enterprises.

“The mushrooming number of IoT devices being deployed by utilities and other enterprises carries an obvious and growing security risk,” says Neil Strother, principal research analyst with Navigant Research.

Strother adds: “Smart managers need a comprehensive strategy to stay ahead of potentially devastating threats to IoT assets. No longer can managers rely on an old-school reactive approach; instead, they and their security teams must adopt the latest proactive and predictive tools and methodologies to keep devices and systems safe.”

The report examines the IoT cybersecurity threats challenging not only utilities, but also other enterprises that have deployed or will be deploying IoT technologies.

It examines some of the regulatory frameworks shaping this market and considers the basic strategies that often go unheeded but are necessary for a successful and secure IoT implementation.

This study also offers practical steps that stakeholders should take to significantly reduce the ongoing risks they face from cyber attacks.