Utility IoT survival guide


    You will remember that I wrote a few blogs three weeks ago during my visit to Itron Utility Week in Orlando. Directly after Orlando I visited Boca Raton, Raleigh, San Francisco and New York City, where I met with technology vendors in the smart grid and IoT space.

    During this two week US visit, it became apparent that utilities’ IoT readiness is a matter of urgency. Effective communication protocols, robustly secured networks, big data applications and customer-centric technology deployments are of paramount importance. Of these, I would prioritize cybersecurity if I were a utility CEO. The recent hacker attack on Internet connected cameras, printers and smart home devices is a hair-raising example of how vulnerable we have become in a hyper connected world. If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would pack my bags and move to Narnia.

    In January 2017, Metering & Smart Energy International will be running a campaign entitled “The Utility IoT Survival Guide” across our print and digital channels. This IoT thought leadership Campaign” will run throughout the month of January and will include an entire edition in print and digital formats dedicated to the subject of IoT technology considerations for utilities. This campaign will offer technology vendors exposure to our database of over 110,000 utility industry professionals through a series of thought leadership, branding and lead generation opportunities.

    The campaign will dig deep and will examine the exploding Internet of Things market and its impact on the utilities industry and its infiltration into the core of utility operations. It will look at the impact of IoT on customer engagement; present and future communication protocols for IoT networks; cybersecurity in a hyper-connected world, IoT analytics architecture and Industrial IT/OT convergence.

    This special campaign will be invaluable for utility and energy professionals as a guide examining key IoT trends and technology considerations in formulating a robust IoT business strategy toward optimized, intelligent, more efficient utility operations.

    We will be also hosting a special panel-style webinar during the last week of January 2017 to discuss some key editorial themes from the magazine. A number of commercial opportunities are available around the report and webinar.

    To be part of this exciting campaign, please contact me today to book your space and help drive the utility industry’s IoT revolution!

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