NZ’s Vector to help Energy Australia in AMI rollout


The metering services include Vector supplying, installing, operating and maintaining advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) for four energy retailers in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and the ACT as from 2018.

The development falls under the Power of Choice programme, a new policy implemented in December last year to help improve the Australian grid network through the adoption of innovative technologies, clean energy resources and new utility business models. According to reports, approximately two million smart meters will be installed in Australia between 2016 and 2020 under the new regulation.

The deal will help energy providers to accurately bill consumers using AMI, improve management of grid network and consumer energy efficiency through access to real-time energy usage and grid operation data.

The smart meters will also pave way for the implementation of initiatives such as demand response and will help in reducing non-revenue electricity.

Metering services

In related news, outside Australia, Germany utilities signed Eltel for provision of metering services through to 2022. The northern European-based technical services company signed contracts worth ten million euros to help Avacon GmbH and BS Netz GmbH to change the type of gas that consumers are being provided with from L type to H type.

Eltel will be responsible for the development of transmission and distribution infrastructure for the new gas type following a mandate issued by the German government for the two utility companies to change their gas type. By changing their type of gas,  Avacon GmbH and BS Netz GmbH will reduce their carbon emissions and help consumers improve their energy efficiency.

The change of the gas type will require adjustments to about five million gas distribution, transmission and consumer points by 2030.

Eltel has also been selected by EWE NETZ GmbH to implement manual meter reading for gas, electric and water consumers.

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