EU states launch new energy efficiency initiative for the water industry


In a statement, Trinity College Dublin said it partnered with Northern Ireland based environmental consultant Action Renewables, the Italian University of Naples, Portugal’s IST Lisbon, the Spanish University of Cordoba and engineering firm HydroPower to establish the REDAWN energy efficiency initiative for the water industry.

Other partners of Trinity in the REDAWN initiative include FAEN, Feragua, Watef Network and SMPGA.

The REDAWN initiative will be implemented over a period of three years using €2.9 million in funding secured from the EU’s Atlantic Cooperation programme 2014-2020.

The REDAWN will focus on research, development, testing, and implementation of solutions and policies to help water treatment and distribution companies in the EU-Atlantic region to reduce operational expenses by increasing their energy efficiency.

The initiative aims to reduce consumer water bills.

The REDAWN initiative will ensure micro-hydro power energy recovery technologies are adopted in existing and new water networks in countries in the Atlantic region including Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal and the UK.

According to a statement, the use of the micro-hydro power will help operators of water, irrigation, and waste water networks boost their energy efficiency and help the region to achieve its carbon emission reduction and climate change goals.

Energy usage in the water industry

The water services sector is said to be the fourth largest energy consumer in Europe. [Australian city councils embark on water efficiency programmes].

Dr Aonghus McNabola, Associate Professor in Energy and the Environment in the School of Engineering at Trinity, commented: “…European business competitiveness is impacted by the operational costs of water services, and so too are the general man and woman in the street, who pay for associated services.”

Professor Paul Coughlan, Professor in Operations Management in the Trinity Business School, added: “The nature of the challenge requires an integrative response that crosses many boundaries and borders – discipline, practice, industry and national. REDAWN is set up to enable the engineering, environmental science and business researchers to interact directly with practitioners from European industry. Together, these partners are committed to bringing their established expertise to the table and open to learning with, through and from each other.”


Image Credit: 123rf