Allentown selects partner for smart meter pilot


In the US state of New Jersey, the Allentown Borough Council has selected Neptune Technology to deploy a smart water meter pilot.

Neptune will supply the utility with wireless meters and data collection hardware and software.

The pilot will include installation of smart meters for 700 residential consumers as from October to December 2018.

The council will use $2.9 million bond ordinance adopted to improve its water infrastructure.

The smart meters will enable remote meter reading thereby reducing the utility’s operating costs.

Allentown selected this smart meter technology because:

  • The meters are compatible with the borough’s financial software, which is important for its uses in billing and record keeping;
  • Upgrades of this system software are compatible with current versions of installed data collection software and hardware and do not require replacement of equipment; and
  • Allentown is making a substantial investment in upgrading water meters and it is necessary to have one brand of water meter throughout the borough, which uses one common software, replacement parts, and is compatible with the reading and billing system.

Reasons for upgrading to the new water meters include:

  1. The existing meters have passed their life span
  2. To improve billing accuracy
  3. To help consumers improve their water efficiency and reduce bills through access to usage data