What does 2015 hold for the utility sector?


    2015 predictions utility sectorAt Metering & Smart Energy International, we want to know what you think.

    What will 2015 look like for utilities and smart metering companies?

    • Will utilities continue to ignore cyber security at their peril?
    • Will we see another significant attack on critical infrastructure?
    • Will we continue on the road to a smarter, more integrated grid, and if so, what will the significant developments of 2015 be?
    • Will European countries continue to examine smart metering without any firm commitments toward implementations?
    • Will African utilities take the smart metering bull by the horns?
    • Will water be the next focus utility for smart metering infrastructure?
    • Where will the next big rollouts take place, and where will attention be focused for the next 12 months. Is it on customer engagement, cyber security or continued integration into a larger smart grid?

    Write your comments below and be part of our 2015 predictions feature in the next issue of Metering & Smart Energy International magazine.

    (Pic credit: LinkedIn)