World’s first Wi-Fi SmartPlug uses 0 Watts in standby


The Danish energy management expert NorthQ recently presented its newly developed Wi-Fi SmartPlug with integrated metering, temperature and humidity sensors. Using the latest power saving technology, SmartPlug consumes 0 watts in standby mode, providing a dramatic reduction in energy consumption. Easy installation allows users to simply insert SmartPlug between the power outlet and the household appliance. Any household appliance, such as lamps, televisions, boilers and electric heaters can be powered on or off manually or managed remotely via Smartphone, tablet or PC. NorthQ will present the Wi-Fi SmartPlug at the European Utility Week 2013 in Amsterdam, hall 5, booth D51.

SmartPlug’s integrated metering function measures energy consumption of each appliance to identify potential “energy guzzlers”. Consumption data is uploaded every 15 minutes to the automated web portal at, where users can define schedules, set and receive alerts and monitor consumption.

Online services for comfort and security
Temperature and humidity settings can be applied to switch on or turn off electrical heating based on a preset temperature or humidity set point. For example, a second home owner may wish to set a minimum temperature of 5 degrees during the winter in order to avoid broken water pipes while the home is vacant – or automatically switch on heating if humidity rises beyond a given set point. Temperature and humidity alarms can be implemented to alert the user when something is unusual.

Total power consumption can also be tracked via the portal and the forecast function can estimate annual electricity cost. Automated alerts can also be set in the event the energy budget is forecasted to run out earlier than targeted; allowing users to better manage electricity consumption over a given period of time. The portal also offers optional functions such as statistical comparisons and interactive world maps.

Vacation Guard
SmartPlug can also be manually switched on off. This feature is useful if the home owner wishes to return to a nice warm house after an extended vacation.

Night Guard
SmartPlug’s Night Guard capability allows users to remotely control groups of lightning at various times. This feature allows homeowners to give the impression that someone is living in the house when the owner is away.

NorthQ2The Wi-Fi SmartPlug from NorthQ is based on Broadcom’s Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED™) Development Platform. Broadcom’s WICED Development Platform vastly reduces the effort required to add wireless connectivity to embedded devices, allowing developers to quickly create network connected applications. The WICED Development System enables Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth Smart bridging for home, health and fitness applications. Visit to learn more.

“Smart mobile devices have become the hub for interconnecting everything using Wi-Fi and BT Smart,” said Brian Bedrosian, Broadcom Senior Director, Wireless Connectivity Combos. “By leveraging Broadcom’s WICED Development System, NorthQ has significantly shortened the time-to-market required to deliver innovation that ultimately allows consumers to better manage energy usage from a remote location.”

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About NorthQ:
NorthQ is a dynamic and innovative company supplying cutting edge technology at competitive prices. We develop in-house hardware, software & internet portals. Our most popular product is the NorthQ Power & Gas Reader which was originally developed for Dong Energy, but is today widely used by many major utilities in Europe. The Power Reader is battery operated and can easily be installed by end-users on their existing mechanical (Ferraris type), electronic or infrared power meter. Additionally, it supports gas & water meters as well. Consumption data is uploaded to a cloud service every 15 minutes.

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