Xcel recognises MTS for energy efficiency efforts


MTS Systems Corporation has received Xcel Energy’s Recognition of Excellence Award for its efforts to help the utility improve consumer energy efficiency.

The energy management solutions firm has been recognised for several energy saving initiatives including stopping compressed air loss and installing LED lights.

MTS helped Xcel Energy replace approximately 9,000 T8 florescent bulbs with type A LED models.

This resulted in 784,800 of energy being saved.

The solutions firm also:

  • Consolidated data center emergency backup power sources
  • Eliminated hundreds of individual electrical appliances
  • Communicated energy saving practices for individual workstations to reduce overnight power consumption

Increasing energy efficiency helps Xcel Energy to improve customer services by reducing consumer energy bills.

The energy management programmes helps the utility to stabilise its grid network as well as to reduce operational costs by avoiding investing in new generation infrastructure to meet demand.

In addition, the initiatives help the utility to minimise its environmental impact through reducing carbon emissions.