Xcel Energy to deploy 2000 ENGO devices in Colorado


In the US state of Colorado, Xcel Energy has selected Varentec to further reduce energy losses within its grid system. 

The two signed a two-year agreement which includes the provision and installation of Dynamic Secondary Voltage Controllers (DVCs).

Varentec will provide Xcel Energy with its Edge of Network Grid Optimisation (ENGO) devices and Grid Edge Management System (GEMS) platform.

The ENGO devices and GEMS platform will act as DVCs to enhance the system Conservation Voltage Reduction performance on top of what is achieved with traditional medium-voltage Volt VAR Optimisation.

The 2,000 ENGO devices will be deployed in Denver across 472 circuits by the Public Service of Colorado, a subsidiary of Xcel Energy.

The deployment of the ENGO devices are part of efforts to help Colorado achieve its energy efficiency targets.

The deal was reached following the Colorado Public Utilities Commission’s approval of the Advanced Grid Intelligence and Security filing made by Xcel Energy in May 2017.

Guillaume Dufosse, Varentec CEO, said: “We appreciate the vision and commitment that Xcel Energy has demonstrated through years of testing of Varentec’s technologies to deliver next-generation, supply-side energy efficiency.

“Xcel Energy is setting a new standard by tapping unprecedented levels of grid edge voltage control at large scale as part of its Integrated Volt VAR Optimisation project.”

Over a period of three years, pilot testing of Varentec’s technology at an Xcel Energy substation has demonstrated potential voltage reduction of as much as 5%, delivering validated year-round energy savings of 3.3%.