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Smart meters for Danish homeowners

[img:echelon_logo.thumbnail.gif| ]Randers, Denmark --- (METERING.COM) --- August 27, 2007 - Danish utility ELRO Net has awarded a contract to Echelon Corporation's Networked Energy Services (NES) Value Added Reseller Eltel Networks A/S to deploy an NES-based advanced metering system to 50,000 Danish homes. This award marks the first win for the NES system in Denmark; initial deliveries are expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2007 with project completion by 2010.

Explore Home Area Networks at Smart Metering West Coast

A Home Area Networks workshop takes place on Monday, August 20, 2007 as part of Smart Metering West Coast, and registrations are now open.

“Home Area Networks … the methodologies and technologies” will be presented by Erich Gunther, chairman and chief technology officer of EnerNex Corporation and chairman of the OpenHAN task force. The OpenHAN task force, part of the UtilityAMI working group, has been working over the past several months to develop use cases, requirements, high level architecture, and security policies necessary to implement demand response and energy efficiency programs.

The workshop will cover the work completed to date, obtain feedback from the workshop attendees, and develop an action plan for moving forward. This work is critical to ensuring that the industry is able to deploy demand responsive infrastructure quickly and cost effectively and to ensure that the necessary communications infrastructure, software, and end use devices are available from multiple vendors and are interoperable.

Other participants in the workshop will be other members of the OpenHAN task force including representatives of Southern California Edison, PG&E, SDG&E, Consumers Energy, among others.

View the full program brochure at and register now!

For more information, contact Teresa Botha: or phone: 888 559 8017 (US) or +27 21 700 3500 (international).

New smart home solution previewed at Metering Africa

[img:eric_0.JPG|Eric Scorgie,
Enertech]Cape Town, South Africa --- (METERING.COM) --- May 31, 2007 –A new smart home solution is being previewed to participants at Metering, Billing/CRM Africa and African Utility Week in Cape Town, South Africa.

Smart Metering West Coast to feature home area networks

Home area networks (HANs) as an extension of AMI are starting to attract a lot of interest and accordingly the pre-conference seminar at the 2nd Smart Metering West Coast will focus on this fast developing technology.

HANs are set to become the basis of the smart home of the future, and in addition to the wide range of home control applications, they will open the way for new and smart home energy management options.

The pre-conference seminar will bring together experts in the field to discuss issues such as standards and practices in HANs, which are key to enabling information exchange between the utility and consumer networks. While energy management is only one of the drivers of HANs – and others, such as entertainment applications are likely to be more significant – it is important for the utility industry to work with other HAN stakeholders and make its requirements known, writes Erich Gunther, chairman of EnerNex Corporation, in the latest issue of Smart Energy International. “Then there is a high probability that the HAN will evolve in a way conducive to managing energy use in a much more intelligent, creative and efficient manner than we do today.”

Smart Energy International’s 2nd Smart Metering West Coast conference will take place in Los Angeles, CA, from August 20-22, 2007.      

Program highlights include a site visit organized by the host utility, Southern California Edison, which will demonstrate new AMI technology in action, and the opportunity to gain insights from users and vendors on the deployment of smart meter systems and the new technologies available on the market. There will also be a lot of networking opportunities to mix and do business together.

To be part of the West Coast utilities smart metering landscape sign up now as a delegate. Register on-line before June 15, 2007 and receive $100 discount.

For more information, contact Teresa Botha at, phone: 888 559 8017 (US) or +27 21 700 3500 (international), or visit

Looking to the future – smart homes and smart grids

[img:Terry%20Mohn%20photo.thumbnail.JPG|Terry Mohn,
San Diego Gas &
Electric Company] San Antonio, TX, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- May 15, 2007 –The 8th Metering, Billing/CIS America closed Friday with a high level panel discussion on smart home and smart grid issues: the future – and the consensus was that the smart home will be the home of the future, but that it has got to be technology, rather than consumer, enabled.

Opportunity for energy management with smart homes

Conference: Metering, Billing, CRM/CIS Europe 2005.
Location: Barcelona
Presenter: Paolo Falcioni
Abstract: In this paper Falcioni presents the notion of the smart home and how energy management can take place to achieve this end goal. In particular he focusses on the necessary measures for the smart home, existing smart home examples, the CECED initiative for smart houses, energy management, power leveling, flexible tariff exploitation and distributed on-site generation.

The value of metering data for smart home service providers

Electricité de France (EDF) produces and sells electricity all over France. This activity may readily be defined as ‘service providing’ instead of ‘selling goods’ – in fact ‘energy’, because electricity is a very special ‘good’.  It cannot be stocked by customers (unlike other fuels providing energy), it cannot be delivered in advance, and one of the most important aspect of the job of electricity utilities is to produce and deliver at any instant the exact amount of electricity that the customers need. An electricity utility must thus manage securely, in real time, all its production resources (power plants and distribution grids) without the customer even being aware of it.

Smart homes get off to a renewed good start

The speed of technology and the resultant rate of business change have impacted all aspects of our lives. What started as a murmur is now a buzz surrounding different concepts and ideas relating to the magical words ‘smart home'. These concepts have ranged from full blown science fiction like homes with voice/sound/motion activated, artificially intelligent and fully integrated systems controlling just about everything, to the more down-to-earth systems focusing on a particular area like HVAC, lighting and so on.

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