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ComEd provides $1.2 million to open-space projects

ComEd and Openlands announced grants to 26 public agencies through the annual ComEd Green Region Programme
clean energy workforce

ComEd files 2018 ‘Workforce Development Report’

ComEd has submitted to the illinois Commerce Commission a report on how its has managed its clean energy workforce in 2018.
electricity demand

ComEd ready for surge in summer energy demand

In 2018, US utility ComEd reduced consumer power outages by 45% since the company started its smart grid investments in 2012.
dearborn homes

ComEd partners to power Bronzeville microgrid

ComEd is partnering with Dearborn Homes to implement a solar project which will support the utility's Bronzeville Community microgrid.
customer engagement

ComEd customers save $4 billion thanks to efficiency programme

ComEd customers have saved a total of $4 billion on their electricity bills since the company introduced its programme to help families and businesses save money and energy in 2008.

ComEd launches ‘Powering People’ initiative

ComEd has launched the 'Powering People' initiative to protect customers against fraud, provide assistance to the most vulnerable consumers and offer more transparency around competitive energy choices.

ComEd wants $6 million decrease in consumer bills

ComEd has filed a proposal with the illinois Commerce Commission to reduce consumer energy bills by $6 million.
Public Power Corporation

280,000+ ComEd customer interruptions avoided during worst US winter

US utility ComEd has avoided more than 280,000 customer interruptions this winter owing to its smart grid investments. On...

Interview: Terence Donnelly, President and COO, ComEd

During DTECH2019, Smart Energy International spoke with Terence Donnelly, President and COO, ComEd about the changing expectations of the consumers within the...
smart street lighting

ComEd, off-grid lights and Community of the Future

US utility ComEd has installed off-grid lights at Beethoven and Bronzeville’s Dunbar Vocational High School
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ComEd turns additional 140,000 units to smart

ComEd is modernising some 140,000 municipal-owned streetlights to support the development of greener, resilient and sustainable communities.

ComEd hits record high in grid reliability

US energy provider to 10 million consumers has released a new report analysing the utility’s power interruptions during 2018.

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