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8 million UK drivers to switch to EVs, hybrids by 2025

19% of 2,041 UK consumers surveyed by CompareTheMarket say they will switch to an electric vehicle whilst 24% prefer switching to a hybrid vehicle by 2025.
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EVs on track to pass National Grid’s consumer evolution projections

Cornwall Insight says UK's current pace of battery electric vehicles registrations is set to surpass National Grid’s Consumer Evolution projections.

EVs on the grid – challenges and opportunities

Adam Pigott, engineering manager, Kinect Energy Group, discusses EV charging, its applications, challenges and opportunities for utilities.
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New report helps Shenzhen accelerate transition to EVs

A new report explores how the Chinese metropolis of Shenzhen can accelerate its adoption of electric vehicles.
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EVs must be noisier – new EU law

A new EU law has come into effect, forcing EV drivers to install a noise-emitting device.
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Energy storage technologies and impact on EVs and utilities markets

Navigant Research has issue a new report discussing battery energy storage technologies commercially available as mobile advanced solutions within the energy industry.

EVs to account for more than half of global car sales...

Global sales of petrol and diesel vehicles are set to continue to fall as electric vehicles (EVs) increase their claim of the global market for technical sales.
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EVs carry significant opportunities for US utilities – study

Increasing demand and adoption of electric vehicles in the United States over the next decade will create revenue opportunities for utilities that are willing to invest in expanding grid capacity, and incorporate EV charging services, according to a new study the by Boston Consulting Group.
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MINI USA highlights consumer perceptions around EVs

MINI USA has published the results of a survey conducted by Engine International to understand consumer perceptions around electric vehicles.
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South Africa to accelerate the pace on EVs

South Africa’s electric utility, Eskom has said it’s working with major players in the electric vehicle (EV) space, in an effort to unlock potential for the technology in the country.
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Ireland to roll out EV charging hubs, want 500,000 EVs on...

The Irish government will be investing €20 million in high-voltage electric vehicle (EV) charging points.
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New York recruiting startups in EVs and energy storage spaces

The New York Power Authority (NYPA) and the New York University Tandon School of Engineering Urban Future Lab will recruit and support startups in the electric vehicles and energy storage sectors.

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