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Chile’s energy oversight agency selects GIS to streamline network oversight

[img:SEC.thumbnail.jpg| ]Santiago de Chile --- (METERING.COM) --- August 27, 2009 - Chile’s energy oversight agency, Superintendencia de Electricidad y Combustibles (SEC), has selected the ArcFM™ geographic information system (GIS) solution to help streamline its oversight duties of the country’s electric distribution networks.

The smart grid solution from global IT solutions and business information services provider Telvent should ensure the SEC is better equipped to validate and analyze vital electric supply network information.

Chile’s CGE to deploy Kamstrup smart metering system

[img:382_0.jpg| ]Santiago de Chile and Skanderborg, Denmark --- (METERING.COM) --- April 20, 2012 - Chile’s CGE Group is deploying an advanced smart metering system from Kamstrup, with a pilot installation currently being carried out in the cities of Buin and Rancagua, close to the capital city of Santiago.

The project is one of the first smart metering-implementations in Chile. The wireless smart metering system is claimed to be one of the most advanced two way-communication systems on the market today allowing flexible tariffs, home automation and multi-utility business.

AMR experience in Chile

Conference: Metering Central America & Caribbean 2008
Location: Bogota, Colombia
Presenter: Sylvain Broglé
Abstract: Presented by Sylvain Broglé at Metering Central America & Caribbean 2008

Energy efficiency law passed in Chile

Chile’s first energy efficiency law targets initially a 10% reduction in energy intensity by 2030 compared to 2019.

Smart grids to be investigated in Chile

[img:chile.thumbnail.jpg| ]Santiago de Chile --- (METERING.COM) --- April 3, 2012 - A technical and economic viability study of smart grids in Chile will be undertaken to evaluate the advantages of implementing this technology as broadly as possible in the market, according to the recently released National Energy Strategy.

This will take account of developments, implementations and local and international experience of pilot projects. The connection of distributed generation is envisaged as a key benefit.
storage market

NEC Chile provides ENGIE Energía Chile with 2MW energy storage system

According to a release, NEC Chile was awarded and signed the contract with ENGIE Energía Chile last week and marks the first smart energy...

Smart metering in Santiago de Chile

By Pablo Ramila and Hugh Rudnick

In the 1980s, Chile became a world pioneer when it introduced a series of reforms in the regulation of electricity. The objective of these reforms was to introduce market principles in the sector, so that society could benefit from greater efficiency. 

The regulation – which was visionary for its time – maintained a reactive role, changing only when there were supply crises. This is why, in recent years, a series of regulatory modifications tending to reactivate the sector were introduced. However, this same sector was strongly affected due to a lack of investment and a high dependence on a fuel no longer available, Argentine natural gas.

Energy efficiency and smart grids in Chile

By Jean Paul Zalaquett

Climate change is a challenge for governments, society and the business world, and therefore, every one of us from our sector should be very attentive in identifying and using all the tools that are available to us in order to confront this challenge.

The fourth report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change identified energy efficiency as one of the actions that are important in the fight to tackle climate change.

smart water meters

Water meters: South Africa and Chile

Buffalo City Metro overhauls water meters According to South Africa local media outlet, The Dispatch, "the days of 'thumb-sucked' water readings will soon be over for...

Chile advances green hydrogen agenda with Port of Rotterdam agreement

Chile’s Ministry of Energy and the Port of Rotterdam Authority have signed an MOU to collaborate on green hydrogen.

Net metering regulation approved in Chile

[img:chile.thumbnail.jpg| ]Santiago de Chile --- (METERING.COM) --- January 16, 2012 - Chile’s Chamber of Deputies has approved a net metering regulation (Bulletin 641), which has now been forwarded to the Senate for the final approval and publication.

The regulation was approved with 95 votes in favor and one abstention.

The regulation provides a modification to the General Law of Electricity Services to enable residential end users with non conventional renewables or efficient co-generation facilities to inject excess energy into the grid. Such non conventional renewables are currently biomass, hydro, geothermal, solar, wind and tidal power.

Introduction of net metering a priority in Chile

[img:RicardoR.thumbnail.jpg|Ricardo Raineri,
Minister of Energy,
]Santiago de Chile --- (METERING.COM) --- May 31, 2010 - The introduction of net metering in Chile is one of the government’s priorities in the energy field, energy minister Ricardo Raineri has announced.

In an interview Raineri said within the next year the government hopes to have a bill that will support the development of smart networks on the electricity grid that will enable customers to provide energy to the system.

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