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Graphene may be the solution to lithium battery fires

Whilst lithium batteries are driving progress in everything from electric vehicles, to mobile phones, grid-storage and umpteen other technologies, but they have a major shortfall. They’ve been known to spontaneously combust under not-so-extraordinary conditions, and when they burn, they burn or a while.
PG&E wildfires

PG&E cleared of 2017 fires

Despite prior contrary findings by the Cal Fire, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has been cleared of criminal charges related to 8 wildfires in 2017.
PG&E wildfires

PG&E cleared of 2017 wildfires

CAL FIRE has completed its investigation of the 2017 Tubbs Fire and cleared PG&E of liability.

PG&E improves weather forecasting capabilities to address wildfires

PG&E, an energy provider to approximately 16 million people in the US state of California, is building a network of weather stations to advance...
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California fires causing bankruptcy concerns for IOUs

California's investor-owned utilities (IoUs) face liability for damage caused by the state's 2017 wildfires that could bankrupt them. California experienced 394 wildfires at the end...

PG&E charged $2.5 billion for sparking wildfires

US utility Pacific Gas & Electric Corporation (PG&E) has announced it was taking a $2.5 billion pre-tax charge against quarterly earnings for its possible...
UL finds Sensus smart meters meet safety standards

Smart meter fires: SaskPower and Sensus hit again as 10th unit...

In Canada, Saskatchewan electric utility SaskPower faces further embarrassment as it confirmed that a 10th smart meter installed as part of a province-wide rollout had...
Quebec smart meter installation

Smart meter fires: Medicine Hat delays release of probe into failures

In Canada, city officials of the small town of Medicine Hat have confirmed that the results of an investigation into smart meter failures has...
Quebec smart meter installation

Smart meter fires: Sensus payout ‘horrible’ deal for utility customers

In Canada, opposition political party NDP is attempting to make political gains by declaring electric utility SaskPower's recall deal with Sensus "horrible". The NDP said...
Quebec smart meter installation

Sensus meter fires: Nevada media fans flames over NV Energy response

In the US, local media in Nevada are drawing parallels between the Sensus smart electricity meter fires in Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada, and Reno. An...
UL safety standard for Canada smart meters

Smart meter fires: 9th failure pushes case to cut ties with...

Canadian media has reported a ninth smart meter failure in electric utility SaskPower's service area, which happened late last week. After losing power, homeowner Joan Reimer...
Quebec smart meter installation

Smart meter fires: Sensus design at fault, says Canadian review

Investigators in Canada have pointed to "shortcomings" in the design of Sensus Generation 3.3 Meters as the cause of eight smart meter units catching...

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