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New digital campaign to intensify $2 billion zero-emission vehicles initiative

Electrify America has launched a new brand-neutral digital marketing campaign to increase consumer awareness and adoption of zero-emission vehicles.

VW reveals pilot plans for 17 minute mobile EV charger

Volkswagen has revealed details of their mobile electric vehicle charging station, planned for trials in 2019.

Robotic fast-charger for autonomous vehicles deployed

Electrify America has partnered with Stable Auto to pilot robotic charging solutions for self-driving vehicles in San Francisco.

Charging via the light brigade

At present, EV charging infrastructure is growing at a rapid pace. In the US, Electrify America is installing a unit at Walmart stores once every three days

$2 billion initiative joins global EV charging standard development

Electrify America has joined the Charging Interface Initiative as part of efforts to increase consumer awareness and adoption of zero-emission vehicles.

Engie joins $2 billion ten-year zero emissions initiative

Electrify America has partnered with utility Engie in its efforts to advance the adoption of zero emissions vehicles.

$2 billion initiative unveils its first platform for home EV charging

Electrify America has released its first level 2 electric vehicle home charger to improve consumer E charging experience.

New deal connects 3,000+ direct current EV fast chargers

EVgo and Electrify America have partnered to increase the number of EV charging stations available of users across the US.

Ed’s note: In celebration of women

Sunday was International Women in Engineering Day (INWED). Under the patronage of UNESCO, INWED is an international awareness campaign to raise the profile of...

World emoji day: Requests filed for industry’s first

Electrify America has asked Unicode Consortium to to introduce the first-ever "electric vehicle with charger" emoji for smartphone keyboards

Quebec announces smart energy and smart city goals

Quebec premier announces smart energy and smart city goals

Where two of the world’s biggest utilities are investing

We look at the world’s top utility companies and how they have invested in the top technologies or business cases in the energy transition.