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Oil and gas majors must cut production by a third or Paris Agreement fails

Despite public statements to the contrary, none of the majors’ emissions targets are found to be aligned with the Paris Agreement.

Ed’s note: Elon Musk, the carbon capture quest and a $100 million prize

Elon Musk launched his challenge to find the best carbon dioxide removal technologies in the world, is this something the utility industry should look at?

UMass announces technology that generates power from thin air

Scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have developed a device that uses a natural protein to create electricity from moisture.

Carbon capture technology faces a difficult few years

A new report from IDTechEx explores the technical and commercial factors that are key to ensuring the success of the carbon capture industry.

Siemens, Porsche partner on hydrogen-based fuel production in Chile

Siemens Energy, Porsche, AME and Enel are to develop the first commercial hydrogen-based e-fuel production plant in southern Chile.

2020 world’s leading energy economies revealed

A new study explores the world’s largest energy economies including top earners, GDP contributions and countries with the highest number of energy employees

2019 a record year for corporate clean energy PPA’s says BNEF

Corporations bought a record amount of clean energy through power purchase agreements, or PPAs, in 2019, up more than 40% from the previous year’s record - BNEF.

Going atomic scale with quantum computing in the power sector

Energy and utility companies are starting to look to the quantum world for the increasingly complex computational challenges facing the sector.