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Ericsson, IBM, Texas Instruments and more at Smart Energy India 2011

Smart global companies are gearing to exhibit at the 4th annual Smart Energy India conference taking place at The Lalit hotel, New Delhi on 31 January- 2 February 2011. This is a key meeting platform for utilities across India and around the globe, aiming to support smarter energy.

IBM in smart grid pilots in Shanghai and South Korea

[img:Distribution (Custom).thumbnail.jpg| ]Shanghai, China and Seoul, South Korea --- (METERING.COM) --- November 9, 2010 - IBM has announced its participation in smart grid pilot developments with Shanghai Electric Power Company in Shanghai and with POSCO ICT on the Jeju Island demonstration in South Korea.

The Shanghai project has involved the development of a new technology, now being piloted with Shanghai Power, to help energy companies manage power outages more effectively while improving productivity. The Integrated Distribution Outage Planner (IDOP) is an online, real time outage planning tool, which integrates data from relevant departments and processes and manages the schedule of different types of power outage tasks. Using analytics and optimization technology, the IDOP allows the power grid to draw data across the company to conduct analysis of possible factors causing outage and excessive energy consumption. It also can provide scientific arrangements of outage tasks, including the time frame and load transfer path for each outage task. This helps to minimize security risks, increase workload balance, and reduce the amount of time spent on monthly coordination of scheduled power outages from half a month to just a few days. 

IBM and Cisco team partnet in Amsterdam Smart City project

IBM predicts consumers will plug in to the energy business

[img:world.thumbnail.jpg| ]Rome, Italy and Armonk, NY, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- November 14, 2007 – IBM Global Business Services unveiled its new report, "Plugging in the Consumer: Innovating utility business models for the future" at the World Energy Congress in Rome earlier this week, forecasting how the change in energy customers' expectations will impact the utility industry's business model in the next five to ten years.

IBM launches “˜mainframe gas gauge’ in environmental push

[img:IBM.thumbnail.jpg| ]Armonk, NY, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- October 15, 2007 – In an extension of the company's Project Big Green, a $1 billion investment toward dramatically increasing the efficiency of IBM products, IBM has launched a program that allows mainframe customers to monitor their systems' precise energy consumption in real-time. IBM will also begin publishing typical energy consumption data for the IBM System z9 mainframe. The data is derived from actual field measurements of approximately 1,000 customer machines, determining average watts/hour consumed which can be used to calculate watts per unit -- similar to automobile miles per gallon estimates and appliance kilowatt per year ratings.

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