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Bayard Group unifies operations under Landis+Gyr name

[img:cameron%20o%20reilly.thumbnail.jpg|Cameron O’Reilly,
]Zug, Switzerland --- (METERING.COM) --- May 22, 2008 - Bayard Group Pty Ltd. has announced that it is uniting its family of technology companies under one global brand, Landis+Gyr, to create a new leader in energy management.

In terms of the announcement, Bayard Group itself will be renamed Landis+Gyr Holdings and its subsidiaries Landis+Gyr, Cellnet+Hunt, Ampy Metering, Ampy+Email and Enermet, will adopt the Landis+Gyr name, synonymous with technological innovation in energy measurement for more than a century, as their exclusive operating brand.

The new Landis+Gyr comprises over 5,000 employees and operations in 30 countries across five continents.

“We live in an era of skyrocketing energy costs and unrelenting consumption, yet energy production is not keeping up and much is lost through an aging grid infrastructure,” says Cameron O’Reilly, who founded Bayard and retains the role of chief executive officer of Landis+Gyr. “Energy conservation is crucial. And it must be supported by sophisticated, technologically-advanced management systems critical to meeting energy demand while reducing cost and improving the environment.

Landis+Gyr’s Oliver Iltisberger on smart meters and demand response

In the run-up to European Utility Week, being held in Amsterdam on 4-6 November 2014, we ask Oliver Iltisberger, executive vice president EMEA at Landis+Gyr,...

Salt River Project prepay deployment to be upgraded by Landis+Gyr

Salt River Project’s M-Power prepay program, which has been in operation since 1993 and is the largest in the U.S., is to be upgraded...

Piedmont Electric upgrades metering and grid management with Landis+Gyr

Piedmont Electric has selected Landis+Gyr to upgrade its advanced metering and grid management infrastructure and technologies.

Landis+Gyr commended for advancing utilities’ IoT capabilities

Landis+Gyr has been by recognised with the 2019 Global Company of the Year Award by market intelligence firm Frost & Sullivan.

Measurement Canada sealing accreditation for Landis+Gyr

LandisGyr HQ
Lafayette, IN, USA --- (METERING.COM) --- July 24, 2006 – Canada’s trade measurement regulator Measurement Canada has today granted accreditation to Landis+Gyr for verification of electricity meters throughout the territory.

The accreditation allows Landis+Gyr to audit, verify and seal meters, including its single phase electromechanical MX meters, single phase electronic FOCUS meters and electronic energy and demand polyphase S4/S4e meters, on behalf of Measurement Canada at the company’s Reynosa, Mexico plant. Landis+Gyr has further secured approval for its meter platforms, Advanced Data Infrastructure AMR/AMI endpoints and several of its manufacturing processes.

Measurement Canada approves Landis+Gyr meters

[img:K-Base.thumbnail.jpg| ]Ottawa, ON, Canada --- (METERING.COM) --- October 8, 2007 – Measurement Canada, an agency of Industry Canada offering services that include evaluating and certifying the accuracy of measuring equipment, has given Landis+Gyr Inc. a 10 year initial re-verification approval for resealing on its already approved S4e and FOCUS™ AL electricity meters.

Landis+Gyr – a leader in smart metering project implementations globally

Jon Stretch new

Exclusive interview with Jon Stretch, Executive Vice President, Landis+Gyr EMEA – Landis+Gyr returns to European Utility Week as a joint platinum sponsor with Toshiba.

Eskom to deploy Landis+Gyr smart meters

[img:Harold%20Hayes.thumbnail.jpg|Harold Hayes,
CTO, Landis+Gyr
South Africa
]Johannesburg, South Africa --- (METERING.COM) --- September 23, 2011 - South Africa’s national utility Eskom has selected Landis+Gyr South Africa for its first smart metering project, which will deploy 5,000 meters during 2011 according to the company’s latest newsletter.

The smart metering solution comprises the DC450 data concentrator, E450 smart meter, P350 in-home display and L550 remote load switch set. The data concentrator, smart meter and in-home displays have been successfully deployed in numerous smart metering rollouts around the world. However, the remote load switch has been specifically engineered by Landis+Gyr’s South African R&D team to meet the demand side management needs of South African metros and municipalities. In South Africa the meter is typically installed outside in a street side meter kiosk. This type of installation environment requires the use of a two-way solution with the technological intelligence the L550 offers.

Landis+Gyr named Global Company of the Year

Frost & Sullivan have recognised Landis+Gyr as the 2017 Global Company of the Year. The award was made based on Frost & Sullivan's recent...

Jerry Figurilli joins Landis + Gyr as COO


Jerry Figurilli recently assumed the position of Chief Operating Officer at Landis + Gyr, Inc. with responsibility for manufacturing, engineering, quality assurance, finance, information technology, marketing and human resources across the company’s North American operations in Lafayette, Indiana and Reynosa, Mexico.

Partnership announcement from Eka Systems and Landis+Gyr

[img:hands%20shaking%20resize_0.jpg| ]Germantown, MD, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- 13 August, 2008 - Smart grid solutions provider, Eka Systems and Landis+Gyr have announced a partnership to integrate the Landis+Gyr FOCUS™ meter with the EkaNet™ Smart Network AMI solution.  This partnership allows the companies to deploy "a true mesh, fully supported Smart Network Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution" the companies said in a press release this week.