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Engie Chile to pilot monetising the cost of decarbonisation

IDB Invest is providing $125 million through an innovative financial structure towards the decarbonisation of Chile’s energy matrix.
distributed generation

Small-scale distributed generation advanced in Chile

Chile’s Minister of Energy has published regulations to advance the development of distributed generation for self-consumption.

Chile to improve competitiveness of electricity tariffs

[img:chile.thumbnail.jpg| ]Santiago de Chile --- (METERING.COM) --- May 24, 2012 - Chile’s Ministries of Energy and Economy have presented three strategies to improve the competitiveness of electricity tariffs and to reduce prices for residential and small and medium business customers.

The three strategies are the implementation of variable rates, the introduction of education at primary and secondary levels, and the introduction of “multicarrier power” or commercialization agents.

Enel named the best company in Chile

Enel Americas has been recognised by the Agenda de Líderes Sustentables 2020 as the best company in Chile.

District heating to be developed in Patagonian Chile

Chile’s ministry of energy has launched a programme to develop district heating in the south-central Magallanes region of Chile.
floating solar

Chile tests floating solar power island

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — A floating island of solar panels is being tested in Chile as a way to generate clean energy...

Engie kickstarts energy storage study in Chile

Utility firm ENGIE Energia has kickstarted an energy storage pilot in Arica, Argentina.

Chile – ambition to be a world leader in green hydrogen

Chile’s National Green Hydrogen Strategy sets out plans to be among the world’s leading producers by 2040.

Analysis: Chile invests in water resource management

We analyse programmes deployed by Essbio, one of the largest water distribution company in Chile, as of Q4 2016. Formed in 1990 to provide water,...

Chile launches power system flexibility strategy

Chile’s energy ministry has announced plans to grow the use of flexibility to manage the increasing penetration of renewable energies and distributed resources such as electric vehicles.
wind energy

Vow for southern Chile to become a global green hydrogen hub

Chile’s ministry of energy estimates that the country’s south has the potential to output 13% of the world’s green hydrogen production.

Energy efficiency has important role to play in Chile

[img:marcelo_0.jpg|Marcelo Tokman,
Minister of Energy,
]Santiago, Chile --- (METERING.COM) --- January 22, 2009 - Energy efficiency has an important role to play in meeting the energy needs of Chile and the country must strengthen the efficient use of energy as a strategic goal of sustainable development, according to a recent report outlining new energy policy guidelines from the National Energy Commission (Comisión Nacional de Energía, CNE).

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