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Energy efficiency initiatives welcomed

EU unveils energy efficiency action plan

An ‘Energy Efficiency Action Plan’ containing a package of priority measures covering a wide range of cost effective energy efficiency initiatives has been launched by the European Commission (EC). The plan forms part of the EC’s plan to realise a more than 20% saving in primary energy consumption by 2020, and it calls for actions to make energy appliances, buildings, transport and energy generation more efficient.

Take the “˜Six Degrees of Energy Efficiency’ challenge

[img:Kateri callahan.jpg|Kateri Callahan, President Alliance]Washington, DC, U.S.A. --- (METERING.COM) --- November 27, 2006 – A new ‘Six Degrees of Energy Efficiency Challenge’ has been launched by the Alliance to Save Energy and 29 partners from its ‘Power in Your Hands’ campaign. The Alliance to Save Energy (ASE) is a coalition of prominent business, government, environmental, and consumer leaders who promote the efficient and clean use of energy worldwide to benefit consumers, the environment, economy, and national security.

Energy efficiency measures save consumers $150 million in 2005

Improving the energy efficiency of power supply units

ZigBee energy efficiency solution eliminates energy waste

Investigating energy efficiency

National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency supports demand response programs

Energy efficiency and the consumer – a European survey

Energy efficiency and the consumer - a European survey

Research organisation LogicaCMG commissioned a survey of consumers in four European countries earlier this year – the UK, the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal – with the aim of understanding consumer attitudes towards energy consumption, what drives behaviour, and what could lead to this behaviour changing in future.

Investment in energy efficiency triples from a year ago – new...

Cleantech Report Image
Manhasset, NY, USA --- (METERING.COM) --- August 21, 2006 – According to Cleantech Venture Network’s latest report, investment in energy efficiency in North America, which includes software and electronic equipment, has tripled from a year ago (US$15.2 million) to over US$60 million.

Demand side management potential in Canada: Energy efficiency study

Canada faces several large and growing challenges on the energy front and there is an increasing recognition that governments must work together with industry and other stakeholders to address these challenges. While there has been significant focus on addressing supply issues, there are economic, social, health, environmental, and energy security benefits in achieving greater energy efficiency and energy demand management.

There has been uncertainty about the energy demand reduction that can be realized from energy efficiency, and Demand Side Management (DSM) measures. Research to date has looked at various aspects of the potential for
demand reduction that can result from energy management efforts and most studies have focused on a single fuel in a single jurisdiction. As well experts have expressed differences in opinion concerning the energy efficiency potential
for Canada.

The Demand Side Management Working Group (DSMWG) comprised of representatives from federal and provincial governments, the energy utility industry, major energy users and nongovernment organizations, commissioned a report on potential energy demand reductions to be realized from conservation and energy efficiency and demand side management.

Smart meters for energy efficiency

Conference: Metering, Billing, CRM/CIS Europe 2005.
Location: Barcelona
Presenter: Marcus Newborough
Abstract: In this presentation Marcus Newborough discusses ways in which we can become energy efficient.

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