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US: Democrat contender Sanders’ dramatic climate change proposal

US Senator Bernie Sanders, considered a leading contender for nomination as the 2020 Democatric Party presidential candidate, has announced his much-anticipated climate policy proposal. “We can sure as hell transform our energy system away from fossil fuels to 100 percent renewables today and create millions of jobs in the process.”
the gambia

ASEAN banks not taking climate change seriously – report

ASEAN banks are delaying their response regarding the funding of environmental sustainability projects - report
Climate change minister

UK appoints new minister for climate change

He has been appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and has served as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Northern Ireland since October 2017.
Climate COVID-19

Climate change: The US to plant 16 billion trees

The Climate Stewardship Act will be presented in September and will enable the funding of programmes to plant 16 billion by 2050.
climate finance

Finnish capital launches world’s first online service to address climate change

Helsinki has launched an online service to provide residents with tips on how to make more sustainable lifestyle and business decisions.
Clean coal

India’s coal capacity-needs threatens climate change goals

India expects coal-derived power will grow in capacity by 22% by the end of 2022, putting climate change goals, just recently reported as being on-track, in severe jeopardy.
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UN and IRENA sign climate change and energy transition deal

The UN and IRENA will be ramping up efforts to fight climate change, and promote the transition to renewable energy.
energy reports

Affordability, reliability still trump climate change for consumers – survey

American energy users expect significant transformation in the way they use energy over the next 10 years, according to a new survey conducted by Ernst & Young LLP: Fuels of the future: what is powering the US energy transition?
UK Global Warming

UK consumers will pay more for water thanks to climate change

That’s according to the country’s Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME), which suggests that as the UK’s summers become longer and hotter, the cost of managing and treating water supplies will increase.
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New York enacts 2050 clean energy and climate change standard

The New York state government has enacted the Climate leadership and Community Protection Act

New study reveals women’s role in climate change action

Exelon Corporation and the UN Women HeForShe have released a new study looks at the role played by women in addressing climate change.
Prince Charles

“Next 18 months will decide” climate change success – Prince Charles

Prince Charles has issued a strong warning to international leaders – they have just 18 months to take the steps required to halt climate change.

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