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Ariane Controls Signs Alliance with Singapore-based Component Distributor

The demand for energy efficiency solutions in Singapore is on the increase, and PLC technology developer Ariane Controls has signed an alliance with Singapore-based components distributor McCoy Components to supply the technology to McCoy Components’ clients. Ariane Controls has a strong presence in south-east Asia.

McCoy Components, active in the field of application specific semiconductor solutions, has received numerous enquiries from clients in the metering industry for energy efficiency applications, and believes that Ariane’s differentiated networking solutions will allow it to offer an inexpensive and reliable technology for residential, commercial and industrial building automation and public utilities applications.

Singapore utility prepares for market deregulation

SPL WorldGroup, a leading provider of mission-critical software solutions for the global utility market, has been selected by PowerSeraya Ltd in Singapore to provide SPL® Customer Care and Billing (SPL CC&B) as the company gears up for full market deregulation and contestability over the next three years. 

As a major power generation company in Singapore, PowerSeraya supplies almost 30% of the nation’s electricity requirements. Its core business centres around the generation of electricity for sale into the Singapore electricity market. In addition the company supplies electricity to over 1,000 commercial and industrial accounts in Singapore through its subsidiary Seraya Energy Pte Ltd. With the planned introduction of full deregulation in Singapore, the company's target market will expand to include residential accounts. 

Singaporeí¢â‚¬â„¢s gas market to be liberalised

The Energy System Review Committee, which was established to recommend improvements to Singapore’s electricity and gas systems after a major blackout in June 2004, has urged Singapore to move immediately to an open access, interconnected gas transmission system and to resolve existing commercial issues by the end of 2005. If the recommendation is adopted, Singapore could have a liberalised gas market by the end of this year.

Real time metering for Singapore schools: A case study

Real time metering for Singapore schools: A case study

The Government of Singapore decided in March 2000 to restructure the electricity and gas industries and put in place a market structure and regulatory framework to enhance competition. Subsequently the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) has established Energy Efficiency Indices, and it intends to conduct energy audits of a sample of buildings with high energy consumption, including offices, hotels, shopping complexes, hospitals and other institutions. The project will commence with a pilot scheme involving several government buildings.

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