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RFP for energy meters – Sweden; Closing date March 27, 2009

Country: Sweden
Product/Service: Request for proposals for energy meters
Type: RFP
Closing Date: March 27, 2009
Reference: TRAD 1791

Universal standard for the “smart energy” home

[img:owLogo3.thumbnail.gif| ]Massive rollouts of smart metering systems worldwide are underway, driven by government legislation and billions of dollars in funding for “smart grid” technologies. Energy delivery companies in the U.S., Canada, EU, and Australia are planning to install tens of millions of smart meters over the next five to seven years. While smart meters are the focus today, billions of dollars are pouring into new technologies to connect in-home electrical devices such as programmable thermostats, energy displays, smart plugs, PCs, and renewable energy sources to the electrical grid. These smart grid connected devices that make up the Home Area Network (HAN), empower consumers with real time control of their energy use as well as helping utilities build the smart grid.   

RFP for energy meters – Germany; Closing date unknown

Country: Germany
Product/Service: Request for proposals for energy meters
Type: RFP
Closing Date: Unknown
Reference: TRAD 1790

Managing the future of smart meters in the US

By Howard Scott

Changes in the metering industry are happening so fast that most industry observers are having difficulty keeping up with the rapid evolution. In January, the new Obama Administration introduced a huge economic Stimulus Plan, which included massive investments in a Smart Grid. Just two months before then, the State Power Grid Corp. of China decided to deploy AMR/AMI to 170 million electricity end-users, and to replace all electromechanical meters with Smart Meters within five years. When this news is coupled with the large project announcements from Europe for AMR/AMI, we see that the shift to Smart Metering has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Regulation of gas smart-metering in Italy

By Ferruccio Villa

With Resolution no. ARG/gas 155/08 of 22 October 2008, the Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas (Autorità per l’energia elettrica e il gas, AEEG) introduced smart metering in the natural gas sector. Smart meters will fulfil minimum functional requirements set out by the AEEG and be installed on all redelivery points of all natural gas distribution networks (around 300 Distribution Network Operators in Italy, serving 99.9% of customers). They will be commissioned gradually in coming years, starting with meters with a higher hourly flow (m3/ h) and proceeding to meters for household consumers.

The 101 of smart metering – easier and harder than you...

By Guenter Hauber-Davidson, Water Conservation Group

It is surprising to see how much confusion, misinformation and myth exists around ‘smart water meters’ when the reality is so simple. This paper attempts to demystify smart water metering by defining what a smart water meter is and how it works. It discusses the role of smart water meters in obtaining valuable water usage data. An overview is given of the technology which is utilised in smart metering and the set ups currently used. The paper emphasises the benefits and value of smart water meter data for large users through several case studies and examples.

Interview with Erik Brenneis, Chief Sales Officer, Cinterion Wireless Modules

By Smart Energy International

What is your place in the Metering Value Chain?
Cinterion is the world’s leading producer of GSM / GPRS / UMTS modules for machine to machine communication. These modules are integrated into meters or terminals in order to automatically send the metering data to a centre of information. Our modules are used in electricity, gas, water and heat applications. In residential AMR solutions, you will find our modules either in the meter for point to point GPRS connections or in the data concentrator, collecting the data from the metering end points and sending it to the information centre via GPRS.

Developments in advanced metering in the United States

By David Kathan

The amount of advanced metering1 in the United States grew significantly in the last two years according to a recent survey by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

The results of the 2008 FERC Demand Response and Advanced Metering Survey (2008 FERC Survey) indicate advanced metering penetration (i.e., the ratio of advanced meters to all installed meters) reached about 4.7% for the United States by the end of 2007 (Figure 1). This is a significant increase from the 2006 FERC Survey, when advanced metering penetration was less than one percent. Recently announced contracts and plans to install advanced metering should increase this penetration in future years. Increased reliance and growth in the use of advanced metering should also be supported by policies at the federal and state level. In particular, recent focus on smart grid investment as a means to stimulate the U.S. economy will increase the importance of advanced metering.

RFP for energy meters – United Kingdom; Closing date April 3,...

Country: United Kingdom
Product/Service: Request for proposals for energy meters
Type: RFP
Closing Date: April 3, 2009
Reference: TRAD 1788

Industrial Defender and Itron form new partnership

Industrial Defender, a global leader in industrial Internet security, has formed a partnership with Itron that will integrate the company’s Security Event Management (SEM) technology with Itron’s OpenWay advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). Specifically, Itron will use Industrial Defender’s unique abilities to monitor and manage data compiled by its OpenWay Centron smart meters.

Smart meter installations in Modesto and Turlock irrigation districts

RFP for water meters – Uruguay; Closing date April 2, 2009

Country: Uruguay
Product/Service: Request for proposals for water meters
Type: RFP
Closing Date: April 2, 2009
Reference: TRAD 1787

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