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Smart meters for New York state utilities

The smartest meters come with smart pricing

Ahmad Faruqui

Speaker: Ahmad Faruqui
Position: Principal
Company: The Brattle Group
Country: CA, USA

Ahmad Faruqui is a principal with The Brattle Group based in San Francisco. 

Smart meters will be used in energy savings program

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Call for smart meters in New Zealand

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Smart meters for smart grids

Meters traditionally have been the central focus of the distribution side of the electricity business, but with the advent of smart metering they are now set to become a focal point for the entire grid.

And visionary initiatives to move towards these socalled ‘smart grids’ are gathering pace on the two sides of the Atlantic – in the US through the GridWise and IntelliGrid initiatives, and in Europe under the SmartGrids European technology platform, all with the aim of evolving the electricity delivery system of the future.

Smart water meters in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA) in the United Arab Emirates recently completed the installation of 100,000 smart water meters for domestic users. A number of years in the planning, specific conditions of the region drove the installation. According to Alex Elder, managing director of Smartmeter – a division of Severn Trent and the company that supplied the meters – three elements guided the process.

Toronto Hydro selects EnergyAxis smart meters

Toronto Hydro-Electric, a wholly owned subsidiary of Toronto Hydro Corporation, will deploy 400,000 EnergyAxis electricity meters in the first phase of the Ontario smart meter initiative (SMI).The EnergyAxis System, from global metering solutions provider Elster Electricity, has been under test by Toronto Hydro-Electric since 2004 and has been found to be suited to the utility’s interval data metering needs, including the collection of hourly interval and timeof- use metering data on electricity consumption from apartments, townhouses, and single-family residences

Hydro Ottawa installs 80,000 smart meters

Hydro Ottawa is to install 80,000 residential smart meters from Olameter before the end of 2006. One of the cornerstones of Olameter’s AMI service offering is to provide access to a robust and well-trained field service workforce to enable high volume meter changes. Olameter has been a provider to Hydro Ottawa for more than eight years and the project forms part of the Ontario smart meter initiative.

35,000 smart meters for Honduras

Honduras’ Empresa Nacional de Energía Eléctrica (ENEE) is to instal Elster’s EnergyAxis system in a 35,000 smart meter deployment beginning in December. The installation is aimed at both residential and commercial and industrial customers and is aimed at reducing non-technical losses and dealing with delinquent accounts. The installation will include the urban area of San Pedro Sula in northwest Honduras as well as smaller sites in the urban areas of Tegucigalpa in the south and La Ceiba in the Atlantic region, and is expected to be completed within six months.

Smart meters on trial in the UK

More smart meters deployed in Ontario

Technology provider Itron Inc. has implemented its fixed network AMR technology for Newmarket Hydro, Ontario, Canada, with the help of independent meter service company Olameter. Olameter has an agreement with Itron to provide Newmarket Hydro with data collection services.

The utility was interested in advanced metering, but wanted to avoid upfront costs and ongoing maintenance fees. Olameter provided metering services for a pilot  project, and now the company is reading electricity, gas and water meters using Itron’s Fixed Network radio system for three utilities in the region. This is the only system of its kind in Ontario to read all three types of meter using one network. The Olameter/Newmarket deployment is one of five ongoing Itron Fixed Network AMR pilot projects in Ontario.

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