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Iberdrola Prime Project – above PHY layer

As outlined in this year’s issue #2 article on PRIME, prototypes are beginning to be tested on field. A Medium Access Control (MAC) layer, and a whole set of different convergence layers (CL) to cover related industry applications have been produced.

Iberdrola is deeply involved in a project that gives a solution to a remote meter management mandate on its whole electric meter installed base. The Spanish Ministerial Order ITC/3860/2007 sets the obligation for all utilities operating in Spain to replace all their meters below 15 kW with new smart meters by 2018. This implies the rollout of around 10 million new units in the case of Iberdrola. The consortium formed by Iberdrola along with Advanced Digital Design, CURRENT Group, Landis+Gyr, STMicroelectronics, uSysCom and ZIV Medida has been working hard to produce a set of specifications that may get the best result out of the previously designed physical layer, and with the constraints imposed by the different low voltage networks targeted within this effort.

Comfortable indoor climate with district cooling

Response to BERR request

For several years now energywatch has campaigned for the introduction of smart meters in the residential sector as the overall consumer benefits to us seem high from a GB PLC perspective and are accompanied by energy and carbon dioxide saving benefits. Naturally, as a consumer organisation, we would wish to see some safeguards built into the licence conditions regarding the use of smart meters and we will elaborate on these in separate communications.

National grid retrofit device for smart gas meters

For some time National Grid Metering has been considering ways in which it could ease the environmental and cost impact of an implementation of smart gas metering in Britain. This has lead to the development of a retrofit device that avoids the need to exchange the meter.

A decision by the UK Government to mandate the introduction of smart metering could lead to an expectation that the whole of the existing meter population would need to be replaced. However, there are millions of metering assets fitted in Britain that still have many years of economic and technical life remaining. In considering whether to scrap those meters, account should be taken of the environmental burden of disposal and the purchase of new meters where it might otherwise have been avoided.

Smart Metering Middle East

The Middle East is facing its own energy challenges, and utilities across the region are rapidly turning to smart energy technologies, including smart meters, advanced metering infrastructure and energy management systems – to both realise the benefits of smart metering and to enhance energy efficiency. This feature will explore some of these projects, and give an overall perspective on energy management, customer care and billing technologies, and smart metering in the region.
Made to measure – Automatic
meter reading will help GCC
utility providers keep track
of consumption.

The rate of real estate development in the Middle East today is placing utilities under increasing pressure to monitor energy consumption in a cost-efficient way. “Nowadays they are building cities upwards,” says Ali Mouslmani, regional director of metering systems manufacturer Elster Electricity. “A building has an average of at least 30 floors and maybe five meter units on each floor. That is 150 units to measure in one building. Multiply this by the number of buildings being built in the whole region and you can imagine the number of meters required.” This will make it very challenging for meter readers.

The Ontario government looks at viability of accelerating deployment and utilisation...


The electricity distribution utilities in the province of Ontario, Canada are committed to assisting the provincial government to achieve its goal of deploying smart meters to every Ontario residence and small business by 2010, a number that totals over four million meters.

Danish utility decides on AMI system

The Danish utility NRGi has chosen Echelon’s Networked Energy Services (NES) Systems for its advanced metering infrastructure project. NRGi awarded the project to Echelon’s NES valueadded reseller partner, Eltel Networks A/S, with meter data management system (MDMS) and enterprise software tools from NES VAR partner GArlitz AG. Under the project, which is targeted to begin in the fourth quarter of 2008 and be completed by the end of 2011, Eltel will deploy NES advanced metering infrastructure, initially to approximately 50,000 of NRGi’s 200,000 customers. Revenue to Echelon over the life of the project is expected to be between approximately US$5 and US$20 million. NRGi is the fourth Danish utility to select Echelon’s NES system, bringing the total number of Echelon NES meters in Denmark to 810,000, including all options. Denmark is one of the fastest growing markets in Europe for smart metering systems.

Energy suppliers welcome landmark decision on smart meter rollout

The Energy Retail Association, which represents the six major domestic energy suppliers in Great Britain has applauded the Government’s announcement to mandate smart meters for gas and electricity in every home and called it a “momentous decision for households across Britain”.

Making the announcement during the Report Stage of the Energy Bill, Lord Hunt of Kings Heath, said:

Pacific Gas and Electric Company awards four year AMI contract

Landis+Gyr recently announced a four-year contract to supply a major portion of the planned deployment of more than five million advanced electric meters to California utility Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E).

Under the agreement, the San Francisco-based utility plans to deploy next generation Landis+Gyr FOCUS(TM) advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) meters to empower residential and small business customers in Northern and Central California to make smarter energy choices, better manage their use of electricity, cut their electricity bills, and help protect the environment.

A smart future


RFP for Supply and Installation of Meters – Tajikistan; Closing date...

Company: Regional Power Transmission Interconnection - Electro Energy Sector
Country: Tajikistan
Product/Service: Request for proposals for Supply and Installation of Meters and Associated Plant
Type: RFP
Closing Date: January 9, 2009
Reference: TRAD 1773

RFP for energy meters – Pakistan; Closing date December 22, 2008

Company: Pakistan Electricity Distribution and Transmission Improvement Project - Ministry of Water and Power
Country: Pakistan
Product/Service: Request for proposals for Static Single Phase/Three Phase Energy Meters - MEPCO/MMM/ICB-15
Type: RFP
Closing Date: December 22, 2008
Reference: TRAD 1771

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