Event: Central Market Debate


CGI Central Market Solutions (CMS)

CMS, which are primarily data platforms to exchange all types of data and support central market facilitation, play a key role in our future energy sy

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CGI’s Central Market System (CMS)

CGI’s CMS is a secure, modular solution that provides equal access to data to encourage a level playing field and enforce effective competition in the

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The move to a low-carbon economy, deregulated market structures and increasing customer expectations are driving utilities to embrace new digitally-enabled business models and place consumers at the heart of their business.

As utilities embrace this new ecosystem, meeting the need for energy data services and management, and data quality and security is key to support market facilitation and provide value-added customer services.

In our 2019 Central Market Debate, we turn the spotlight on this growing need in our debate topic: “How can data exchanges between market participants extend and enhance the market and its operation to benefit consumers?”


The agenda of the two-day interactive event is curated to facilitate industry-shaping dialogue among stakeholders across the energy value chain. It offers attendees the opportunity to discuss and debate the future developments of central market operations and network and exchange ideas and best practices with peers from multiple countries in similar roles across the world.

The annual event will bring together international industry experts, influencers and executives to share the latest trends, technologies and implementation approaches in the energy market. The speaker list includes high-level executives from government bodies and energy companies such as, EleringOTE and EDSN, among others.

If you would like to know more about the event, please send an email to cmd.cms@cgi.com.