About Radiocrafts Embedded Wireless Solutions


Radiocrafts was founded in 2003 by Peder Martin Evjen and Hallvard Moholdt, two radio designers with long experience, ranging from Kongsberg Defence Communications (NFT-Ericsson at the time) creating military radios, to chip and systems design in Chipcon, that is today the Low Power Wireless R&D center of chipmaker Texas Instruments.

The Vision of the two founders, “Making embedded wireless easy to use”, still remains the core of what Radiocrafts is about. The founders took the name Radiocrafts to show that creating good reliable radios is in many ways a craftsmanship where a technical understanding is important, but it is also important to have the competence that comes by long working experience in the crafts and arts of wireless.

The promises of Radiocrafts are: Fast to Market. Proven Quality. These promises show in the high quality RF modules from Radiocrafts with fully integrated standard protocols such as Wireless MBUS, Sigfox, ZigBee and KNX-RF, as well as low cost RF mesh protocol TinyMesh and the cable replacement protocol RC232. The complete solution in a module enables our clients to meet the tough time-to-market requirements in the modern business. All modules share the same PCB foot-print, so the final solution is not just fast to market, but will also serve many markets in the global market place

We manufacture our modules in a world-class EMS, and the complete process from material souring to final test and packaging is done under our strict quality control.

Radiocrafts has been working with world’s leading companies, such as Schneider Electric, Honeywell, Suez, and many more and shipped millions of modules to all parts of the world.

Radiocrafts is a partner in TI’s Third Party Program, an active member in the standardization of Wireless M-Bus (CEN and OMS) and the KNX Association.

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