E.ON partners to help German market enhance energy billing


E.ON, an energy supplier based in Essen, Germany, and QUANTO AG, an international utilities consultancy, have partnered with SmartGridCIS, a provider of utility billing and CIS solutions for both regulated and deregulated providers to develop a German version of GridLink CIS, its cloud-based energy billing solution.

The German version of GridLink CIS will leverage the core capabilities of the base solution, which includes comprehensive billing, creative rate plans, flexible payment options and multiple communications channels including IVR, auto-dialer, SMS and live chat.

Working directly with E.ON subsidiary e.Kundenservice Netz (eKn), SmartGridCIS and QUANTO will optimise these features for the German market.

Customers expect digital solutions to successfully handle the increasingly complex energy industry, and they want to implement new business models easily and flexibly,” says Malte Sunderkötter, eKn managing director.

“GridLink CIS comes complete with digital solutions such as consumer-facing web and mobile applications. It even empowers customers to manage their resources and pick the payment options that work for them.”

“Partnering with E.ON as subject matter experts, and QUANTO on the technical side, we can provide a solution that addresses the evolving challenges for German utilities and retail energy suppliers,” says John Bastian, SmartGridCIS president.

“Ultimately, we’ll be providing a viable and affordable solution that equips them with the ability to support both traditional, and smart metering infrastructures and to serve customers with greater flexibility and transparency.”

SmartGridCIS expects to launch the German version of GridLink CIS in Q4 2018, with the first German customer onboarded by the end of the year.

“We’re excited to be part of this joint venture, and recognise it is a rare opportunity for a billing vendor,” Bastian says. “Our expansion into Germany marks another step in the continued innovation and growth of SmartGridCIS.”