Itron Inc. has received accreditation from Measurement Canada to inspect and seal electricity meters at the company’s Oconee factory for direct shipments to Canadian utilities. Itron is the first company outside Canada to gain such accreditation.

Measurement Canada has also granted Itron’s CENTRON electronic single phase meter a ten-year initial seal period, which allows the meter to remain the field for ten years before sampling for accuracy. Prior to this, Measurement Canada required sampling of electronic meters after six years in the field. The extension has broadened the market for the CENTRON meter – more than ten million of which have already been shipped to utilities around the world.

Historically Measurement Canada required Canadian government inspectors to perform all the sealing and inspection of meters for its market. In the last two years, however, the government has modified the conditions for accreditation, allowing meter manufacturers outside the country to be accredited. Itron applied for accreditation last year, and Measurement Canada approved the application last month. /